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Welcome to Deltachem Iberica

Deltachem Iberica, is a company specialized in the international trade of raw material for various sectors. Our main markets are plastics, additives, pigments and dyes. Our principal value is customer service, with personalized attention and pursuing the excellence in this field by achieving results, either finding the product your company needs, or obtaining it at the best price possible. The main asset of the company is the team of professionals with more than 35 years of experience in the industry.


  • Dedication

    We dedicate our work to the service of our clients, pursuing their full satisfaction with our performance, to achieve not only our objectives but also yours.

    The confidence of a new client requires great dedication, therefore our efforts are directed to offer what our clients require: experience, speed, quality and good service; all at the best price possible.

  • Commitment

    Deltachem Ibérica and its professional team, we know that our clients are our best partners, without them our work would not make sense, therefore our raison d'etre is none other than the commitment with our clients, helping them in the solution of their problems, as well as to provide them with the best alternatives within our scope.

  • Stability

    Our goal is to achieve stable and lasting relationships. We want to demonstrate over time, our ability to be a reliable and committed partner, with the aim of finding the best solution and achieve a win-win relationship between you and Deltachem. We want to repeat, we want the trust of the clients with whom we work and, when they have a need may that their first thought be in us.

  • Innovation

    Our commitment and dedication are transferred to the purpose of being able to offer our clients those materials that can provide them with a plus, which allows them to offer more optimal solutions and a competitive advantage, as well as, an improvement over their competitors, to achieve success in the markets through innovation. We do not understand a society without innovation, what we transfer to our professional activity to achieve our personal and professional objective of helping development that allows us to produce goods using the latest materials technologies available and respectful with the environment.

About us


Strategy and Philosophy

Our strategy is based on 4 fundamental pillars: Dedication, Commitment, Stability and Innovation.

Our philosophy is always to provide the client with a solution for their needs or problems. Offering specialized advice, thanks to the know-how acquired throughout our careers and aligning with the strategies of our clients whether they are innovation or cost.

Our Partners